Our Planet is on the Brink of Collapse: Save the Earth This World Environment Day

This is an emergency and we’ve run out of options.

4 min readJun 5, 2020


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Humans are leaving a heavy footprint on Earth, but since when did we become the destroyers of the planet’s ecosystem? of our own race? The end of human civilization is near — and the signs are tangible now more than ever, no matter how many imbeciles try to deny it.

Not just humans, but nearly one million other species on earth are on the verge of extinction and we humans are majorly responsible for that. Perhaps the most humongous task we all face today is that of reversing our deeds — mitigating these threats that are currently posed to our planet, — and bringing back the way of life.

And for that, we need to bring a huge positive change in ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, organizations, environments, and even the world at large. It’s an uphill climb to say the least, but it’s something we all need to do right now — because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

So, on World Environment Day 2020, let’s take a pledge to overcome this together. And there is only one way to accomplish this — by changing ourselves.

There’s nothing more important now than to participate in this year’s World Environment Day theme ‘Biodiversity’ — emphasize on providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on earth.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started spreading across the countries around the globe, we all have been witnessing some significant changes in the world’s environment. The consequent lockdown brought a slow-down or halt to economic and industrial activity, which led to reduced pollution, better air quality, cleaner rivers, bluer skies and an overall improvement in environmental indicators.

If we want to preserve these environmental gains, then we must come together — for the sake of a healthier future — and a healthier planet. Once the world emerges after the lockdown is over, the only way to achieve this is to make stringent efforts — if we want to carry forward the momentum nature has now reset for humanity.

So in that note, as the world rushes to plan a post pandemic recovery, I’m going to list a few things we must make sure to do to protect ourselves and our beloved planet.

Reject plastics

We all know that plastic, in all its shape and form, is a major source of environmental pollution. Polythene and Poly carbonate are the two most commonly used form of plastic, which, if not littered properly, can cause toxicity and imbalance in wildlife and marine life.

Hence, the need of the hour is to shun the use of all form of plastic and adopt eco-friendly alternatives. For example, natural fiber cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, cardboard, pottery, ceramics, glass or even stainless steel.

Plant more trees

Plant trees if you want to help climate control. Planting trees will not only help purifying the air, but will also promote biodiversity in the world.

To be honest, we cannot thank trees enough for their endless contribution to our ecosystem. Since the very beginning they have provided us with two of life’s essentials — oxygen and food. Gradually as we evolved, trees have blessed us with medicine, shelter, various tools and so many more!

There is no better alternative to planting more trees — if you want to preserve soil, conserve water, support wildlife, improve air quality, ameliorate our climate, support biodiversity — and most importantly, if you want to keep breathing.

Minimize the use of AC

Air conditions consume large amount of electricity and therefore, require a lot of energy. As a result, they release massive amount of carbon dioxide causing air pollution. The greenhouse gases emitted from AC are a major cause of global warming and ozone depletion. Your AC is not helping your planet. Therefore, try to avoid unnecessary use of AC at all cost.

Save water

We cannot deny our careless attitude towards one of the earth’s precious resources — water. We have managed to create a huge water crisis with our misuse and exploitation of water resources. Many countries across the world are suffering from severe water scarcity.

It’s high time we should take this seriously and start saving water. One good way to preserve water for future use is by harvesting rainwater in our houses. Take the initiative, take the first step and do whatever it takes to avoid future water shortage in our planet.

Bottom line

While technology has made our life comfortable, the environment has faced negative consequences. Today, our environment is on the brink of collapse. Biodiversity in nature is threatened by global warming, habitat loss, toxic pollution, epidemics, over-exploitation and climate change.

World Environment Day calls for 24-hour action, be it big or small — for the sake of the planet and its living beings. Now is the time to rethink our priorities and participate in a global act of saving our planet against the unsurvivable climate change and environmental degradation.

Remember — never in the history of humanity have we faced anything more important than this. Humanity depends on our action now for a resilient and sustainable future.




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