How to Market an eBook and Make Money

4 min readNov 20, 2020


If you are wondering whether it is a good idea to make money with ebooks, let me tell you that if you do it right, that’s a wonderful opportunity to make money! Writing an ebook for profit involves marketing it the correct way.

Once you have taken your time to create an engaging ebook with a perfect cover, take a few minutes to really learn and figure out how to sell that ebook.

Let me give you some useful tips you can use to market and sell your ebook online.

#1 Use your email signature

Your email signature can come really handy when you try to market your newly created ebook online. Including a link to your ebook in your email signature can prove to be beneficial and earn you more sales than you would expect. While you are building communication with people through exchanging emails, it is highly likely that they might be interested to learn more about you. Hence, it is a nice yet powerful way to market your ebook.

#2 Guest blogging

You can start guest blogging to similar websites. It is a great way to share your ebook and gain exposure. It can help your book to reach a larger and even a newer audience. Approach in a friendly way and try to stay connected through follow-ups. It can often work wonders.

#3 Sell ebook for free

Selling your ebook for free can actually double your income. Here’s how.

Lead generation

Giving away your book for free enables you to get prospective readers whom you can convert into your email subscribers, lifelong followers and even paying customers.

Social followers and email list

It is pretty easy to get your ebook readers to sign up for your email list. When people will download your ebook for free, you will automatically get them as new email subscribers and followers on social media.

#4 Create a blog

Creating a blog is another effective way to gather new readers for an ebook you wrote. In fact, it is always better when you run a blog before you go ahead and write your ebook. You can encourage some excitement around the publishing of your new ebook on your blog. Release background info, brief reviews, announce publication date and so on.

#5 Utilize the power of social media

Create s Facebook page. If you have a blogging website, anything you post in there, post it in that Facebook page too. Have a dedicated twitter account for your regular posts. Harnessing the full potential of social media definitely helps in hitting the success goal.

#6 Use influencers

If you have contacts of bloggers who are in the same niche as you are, just hand them some of the copies of your ebook. Just request them to share information about your book provided they think your book is interesting enough. It can be of substantial help in promoting your book if done the right way.

Where to sell your ebook

There are more than one platforms where you can sell your ebook.

#1 sell ebooks on your own website

Selling your first ebook through your blog or website has its own advantages. For example, it will enable you to collect email addresses from people. You can utilize these email addresses for future promotions or promotion of your products and/ or services. You can also develop your own affiliate program as well as collect all profits from the ebook sales.

When you directly sell your ebooks through your own website, you can have more independence and authority with your targeted audience. It also gives you greater control over all the things.

#2 sell ebooks on Amazon

Self-publishing ebooks on Amazon is becoming more and more popular and it is incredibly easy and cheap too. Amazon will give you 70 percent if your book’s price is between 2.99–9.99 dollars. Promoting your ebook is also easier than ever with the help of Amazon’s huge ecommerce service platform where the number of regular visitors crosses millions. Sharing your work via Amazon quickly turns into revenue.

Bottom line

The most important criteria to become successful in selling your ebook online and making money is, your approach should be authentic and humble. Do a bit of crowdsourcing if you need to. For example, you can create polls on social media, ask your audience questions related to your book. In a whole, if you involve your audience in the process of creating your ebook, then they will feel more engaged and the entire process will feel more known and personal to them. Not only they will build a strong fan base and root for you, but they will also share your work with others and even encourage others to do the same!




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